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English Download area:

How to do:
1) Click on the download link you are interested on
2) the download window opens
3) select save (not run!!)
4) select directory where the downloaded file should be stored
5) Start download by pressing the button "Run"

Once the download is finished you should conter check if the data are not damaged, this is done by comparing the hash values of he file.
1) Click on the download link of the Hash calculator
2) the download window opens
3) select Run
4) follow the instruction of the windows download manager
5) After the Hash calculator runs, select the file you downloaded as source
6) compare the calculated MD5- Checksum with the checksum given on the downlad page of EHS-Ing!
7) if the sum is the same the download worked and you can use the software you downloaded,
other wise repeat from the beginning.

Download O2- Kompmaster EXE-file:
MD5- HASH value: B492100FB33F0D4B8896FDD053AEA326
Download O2-Kompmaster V2.7.5
Download O2- Kompmaster ZIP- package:
MD5-Hash value: 55E00E5EB1C40260E784F8025461108C
Download O2-Kompmaster V2.7.5 as ZIP file

Download O2- Netmaster EXE-File:
MD5- HASH value: 611C6439B4F568D90B6756677EA664B8
Download O2-Netmaster V3.0.5

Download O2- Netmaster ZIP- package:
MD5-Hash value: A29FE81824874E4679E6E6098291153B
Download O2-Netmaster V3.0.5 as ZIP file
Download HASH- Calculator:
MD5-Hash value: C71E556A7D0AD2AF37B956792E23AF98
Download MD5-Hash- calculator
Download Kompmaster LOGGER for failure analysis ZIP- package:
MD5-Hash value: F13C56D94BC9094614119D024DBC5C9B
Download Logger O2-Kompmaster V2.7.3 as ZIP file

Download Hardware Usermanual Kompmaster II:
Download HW-Manual
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